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Grand Forest Hardwood Warranty

Residential Warranty
Please take a moment to review the features of our warranty to you, the retail customer. You will find the, Lifetime Structure Warranty, the, Limited 10-20 Year Finish Warranty and a Pre Installation Notice. Included also are the responsibilities of Grand Forest, and you, the consumer, remedies in the event of warranty defects, and ongoing Care and Maintenance.

Pre Installation Notice

Hardwood floors are a product of nature and each piece is unique and therefore, not perfect. Grand Forest floors are produced in accordance with accepted and practiced industry standards. These current standards permit grading deficiencies not to exceed 5%. These grading deficiencies can be of a natural type or manufacturing related. Grand Forest strives for the guidelines of all tolerances, and conditions in manufacturing to be followed. It is the responsibility of the owner/ installer to inspect the pieces for installation. Pieces with obvious defects should not be installed.

Lifetime Structure Warranty
We warrant that the covered products in their original manufactured condition will be free from defects in lamination and structure as long as the original purchaser owns the floor.

Limited 10-20 Year Finish Warranty
We warrant to the original purchaser that for the period indicated by product, that the finish would not wear through or separate from the wood flooring under normal use and with proper care given to the floor per our maintenance guidelines.

  • Recommended to catch the finer pieces not caught in the vacuum, these pieces can damage your hardwood floor.
  • Spills and tracked in dirt should be cleaned immediately, never apply wax to this floor.
  • Use interior and exterior doormats to help prevent dirt and moisture from being tracked onto the floor.
  • Are rugs are recommended at high traffic areas including entries, kitchen sinks and pivot points such as at the bottom of stairs. Do not use rugs with rubber or vinyl backings. The rugs must be made of breathable material to prevent moisture entrapment.
  • Do not wet mop the floor, excessive water may damage your floor.
  • Never use any of the following products (or products similar in nature) on your floor: ammonia based cleaners, acrylic finishes, wax based products, detergents, bleach, polishes, oil soap, abrasive cleaning soaps, or acidic materials such as vinegar. Many of these products can pit or etch the finish of your flooring or prevent the proper use of recommended materials.
  • Keep animals nails trimmed as they could damage the finish of your floor.
  • Do not damage your floors with shoes having heeltaps or sharp objects protruding from the sole such as rocks, nails, etc.
  • Avoid walking on floors with spike or stiletto heels.
  • Do not roll or slide heavy objects across the floor. Put down a protective cover on your floor before moving anything heavy. Carpet or cardboard are not considered adequate to prevent scratches or indentations.
  • Use furniture leg protector pads under all furniture.
  • Replace all hard narrow furniture rollers with wide rubber rollers.
  • Keep the relative humidity between 35% and 55% at all times.

Protect the floor from direct sunlight as this could cause fading. Use curtains and UV resistant film on large glass doors and windows to help reduce the effect of sun fade.

To be covered under our warranties you need to keep your original sales receipt and make sure that the flooring is properly installed in accordance with our installation instructions provided. You must also care for the floor as outlined in the care and maintenance section above. We recommend you use only approved Grand Forest Floor products to care for your flooring. Use of other floor care products could damage your floor and void this warranty.


If you should have a claim on covered events within the warranty period for our products, we will recoat, refinish, fill or furnish comparable flooring (of Grand Forest production), for either repair or replacement of the defective area at our option. In the event that we are unable to correct the problem after a reasonable number of attempts, we will refund the purchase price for the section of failed flooring. If your floor was professionally installed, we will also pay reasonable labor cost for the direct repairs or replacement within the first five years of the warranty period, or the length of the warranty period whichever is less. The warranty does not include removal or replacement of cabinets or other fixtures. Grand Forest reserves the right in all cases, to make an inspection in order to verify any claim or defect and may require samples to be removed from the floor before processing a claim.


  • Wood flooring installed in bathrooms with a shower or tub.
  • Damage caused by fire, flooding, and other natural disasters and Acts of God.
  • Damage caused by negligence, accidents, misuse or abuse.
  • Damage caused by vacuum cleaner beater bar or hard cleaner heads.
  • Damage caused by appliances, furniture and casters.
  • Damage caused by cutting from sharp objects.
  • Reduction in gloss, scratches, or indentations due to sand pebbles or other abrasives, pet's insects, construction traffic, or failure to maintain floor as required.
  • Color, shade, or texture variations between samples, printed color photography or replacement flooring and the actual material.
  • Color variations between flooring and/ or samples and other wood flooring or wood products, which you wish to match (e.g. cabinets, stair railings, trim, etc.)
  • Deficiencies related to sub floor/ floor joist assemblies, sub floor preparation materials, and fasteners including, but not limited to, uneven sub floor surfaces, floor deflections or voids in the sub floor.
  • Noises, squeaks, etc. associated with anything other than the mismanufacture of the flooring.
  • Naturally occurring wood characteristics such as variations in grain, color, mineral streaks and knots.
  • Changes in color due to exposure to sunlight and age.
  • Natural expansion and contraction resulting in separation between boards or damage caused by low or excessive humidity.
  • Products designated as thrift, antique, tavern, bargain, cabin grade, seconds, economy grade, rustic, close out, off goods or non-standard are sold AS IS.
  • Floors that are installed in other than owner occupied or tenant occupied residences.
  • Commercial installation of residential products.
  • Construction or Installation related damage.
  • Floors damaged or adhesive breakdown caused by sub floor moisture or water damage, including without limitation, due to broken or leaking water pipes, flooding, wet mopping spills or weather conditions.
  • Installation defects, including installations made: in violation of applicable state or local housing or building codes, or contrary to written instructions furnished with the product or on the Grand Forest website.

You and your installer are responsible to inspect flooring before installation. We accept no responsibility for liabilities, claims, or expenses, including labor cost, where flooring with visible defects has been installed.

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